Friday, April 29, 2005

"Soul Notes": Reprise

CDs are now available for the original cast studio recording of Creighton Irons' fabulous musical "Soul Notes." "Amazing," "fabulous," etc. seem lame words to describe Creighton's talent as a composer (and ear-trained pianist), his passion for his subject material (race), and his ability to pull this remkable student cast together to bring the story to life.

Whenever you have a spare 30 minutes, treat yourself to the RealAudio video of highlights from the show that was taped at a Johnston Center preview.

Creighton is graduating soon from UNC, but he has taken time out from a busy schedule to take on the musical programming for the May 8 celebration of the dedication of the new Martin Luther King Blvd. He's done a great job with that too.

Congratulations, Creighton! When I first saw you perform at Phillips Middle School as the Cowardly Lion I knew you had promise, but you're exceeding expectations.

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