Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Franken 4

Larry Grossberg and his forthcoming book Caught in the Crossfire: Kids, Politics and America's Future. His argument is that kids today are not in nearly as bad a shape as Republicans say they are in order to justify their controlling agenda. Not every school is "a kind of war zone." Kids are safer in public schools today than anywhere else; you have more of a chance of being hit by lightning than being victimized by violence in a school.

A second point is "Kids have a perfect right to be alienated given the way we are treating them." This sounds like an interesting book.

Virginia Postrel is contrasted: one with a real conservative view that says we don't know about the future, so there is not much point in planning for it. Grossberg says she compares the progressive position to the Unabomber. (An aside on him (see third bullet down).)

Just as it's getting really interesting, they're out of time with him! Lanpher says this is why we don't have academic talk radio.

But I'm done. Great to have the show in Chapel Hill! For the rest of it, see Paul and the OP common-taters.

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