Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Controlled burn

Trying to think of a way to make the next big Tar Heel celebration safer, fire chief Dan Jones came up with this: why not have an official bonfire somewhere on campus? But UNC hasn't warmed to the idea, and the police chief isn't so sure about it either, thinking shades of Texas A&M.

Monday night will be unforgettable, clearly for the thousands who came out to Franklin Street, especially the ones with burns to show for it. Ruby remembers where she was for all three of the championship wins she's experienced as a Chapel Hillian.

I was here for the last win, but April 5, 1993 holds no special memory. Except for noticing that some of my grad school friends were off the deep end about it, I was oblivious to basketball. What's my excuse? About six weeks earlier, I'd had a baby! And a prospectus meeting. A new baby to care for and a whole dissertation to write. Bill Clinton had just been inaugurated, some maniacs had tried to blow up the World Trade Center. A crisis was brewing down in Waco that would soon lead to another kind of inferno. The larger world was distant and incomprehensible, while my small world had a precious intensity. Basketball occupied a vast middle territory where things would have to go on without me.

My "baby" is 12 now (but you could do the math). He and his dad were at the Dean Dome yesterday. This win is seared in all of our memories, and luckily it didn't take the flash of a bonfire to do it.

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