Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Al Franken

Did he read Ruby's blog? So he starts out trashing Coach K. and says, "I know how to pander, don't I?" Maybe it's just obvious. Not surprisingly, next he remembers Paul Wellstone. His straightperson Katherine Lanpher is here too.

Ten seconds to airtime!

On John Bolton: "Rot at the top can be mulch for the grassroots."

Guests will include Mike & Mark the gay political couple (more later), Larry Grossberg, and Wellstone mentor Joel Schwartz.

Bolton again: a "kiss up and kick down" kind of guy; this is what they said of him at the State Department.

"This country has had a little problem on its intelligence. A little problem on credibility." Bolton wanted to give a speech at Heritage Foundation saying Cuba had a bioterrorism program it was trying to export. "The thing wrong with that was that it didn't. That was a small detail, but there was this top biological and chemical weapons analyst for the State Department who said it wasn't true." Bolton "just winged him," a guy below him.

What the radio audience can't see is Franken's "fighting words" gestures as he plays a Bolton tape on how the UN is meaningless. "This guy hates the UN." It's going to go along party lines, and it's a disgrace. It's not in our national interest.

That's Part 1.

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