Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Eight random facts meme

Oh dear, I pay a not so random visit to Feminist Law Professors and find I've been random-tagged! Well, here goes.

1. I met my husband in a poetry class. I, a new Ph.D. student, was so terrified of the teacher I was auditing it. He, a staff employee computer geek, was taking it for credit.

2. I've never read anything by Kafka except "Metamorphosis," even though I've taught law and literature. So go ahead, call me a cockroach.

3. I had a great Freshman English professor who asked me if I was an English major. I was so flattered, I said yes and never looked back.

4. My first car was a beautiful maroon 1969 (used) Karmann Ghia. I wouldn't mind my next car being the same, but it seems too dangerous and I doubt it's fuel-efficient. (I didn't realize till I Googled it just now that it was born the same year I was.)

5. I have Prius envy.

6. I can't understand how I have a child who likes licorice. I blame his father.

7. I'm a big Django Haskins fan. (Catch him August 11 at Saxapahaw!)

8. I prefer not to touch reptiles, although I know this disappoints my family.

I tag: ae, Ruby, Paul, Mark, Jeff, Blue Gal, Tom, and Ed.

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