Thursday, May 26, 2005

Southern discomfort

Priscilla Owen is in; William Pryor, a Christian states-rightser sitting as Bush's recess appointment to the 11th Circuit, will soon get his "up-or-down vote" (there is another kind?).

Known in some quarters as Roy Moore's persecutor because as Alabama attorney general he stoood by a federal court's order to have Moore's Ten Commandments removed from the state courthouse, Pryor did support Moore's candidacy for the state Surpreme Court on grounds of Christian redemption, and he continued to "avidly support" the judge's efforts to put Christianity in the courtroom.

Now from the federal bench, he has betrayed Moore again. In the case about the public school "warning label" on science textbooks he denied Moore permission to file an amicus brief while accepting other briefs. "Pryor explained in the ruling that Moore's arguments weren't relevent because they essentially asked the appeals court to overturn Supreme Court precedent." (Via Howard Bashman.)

And by the way, the pro-life folks can't figure out if he is with them or against them, because he has indicated an interest in following the rule of law.

It's all too confusing for me.

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