Monday, May 02, 2005

Somebody stop them before they make a big mistake.

From London:

Operation: Ivy League encourages the planting and subsequent nurture of ivy growth on corporate architecture. Ivy-clad buildings have long-since been associated with the dreaming towers of gothic architecture and sleepy country cottages. To cover the, often unsightly, architecture of the city in lush ivy growth would not only draw attention away from the intended language of the buildings but would also attract birds, butterflies and other wildlife to the area.

I'm all for taming the corporate beast, but let's have a little compassion. Sounds nice, a little green to soften the hardscape, but this could lead to real trouble. Lo, in a generation, they'll be begging to join the No Ivy League.

Take the pledge! No ivy!

gas sign

English ivy IQ test.

(On the other hand, moss graffiti seems kind of cool.)

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