Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Project to roll back Enlightenment proceeds apace

A third of Americans reject evolution, a poll says, and classrooms reflect it.

Meanwhile the federal court decision barring "warning labels" on science textbooks in Cobb County, Ga., is being appealed, while support comes in from neighboring states.


Alabama, for example, boasts of "the longest (311 words) and longest-running (9+ years) evolution disclaimer in the nation."

A biology professor at Swarthmore has a really useful site, offering handy alternative warnings and suggesting gifts for your kid's science teachers to encourage them to teach the right thing.

In North Carolina in 1997, a Republican representative from Wake County introduced "An Act to Amend the Public School Laws to Ensure that Evolution is Not Taught as Fact in North Carolina Public Schools." It hasn't gained traction--yet.

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