Sunday, February 20, 2005

Altitude with attitude

Asheville is full of stories like this:

I met an attractive woman at a Unity Sunday service, an active participant in the new community who moved here a few years ago. She, like many others I have chatted with over the past four years gave a story: "Everywhere I looked, I saw something about Asheville. Word on the 'metaphysical street' hinted that Asheville was fast becoming the new spiritual Mecca," she shared.

The transformative concentration of vortices and power spots around Asheville--"beneficial earth energies," all--has been noted.

Comes now documentary proof. Interviewed in The Guardian about a recent film about him, Robert Moog, who lives in Asheville, offers a theory of conscious energy shared between man and machine:

On the telephone from North Carolina, Moog struggles to put into words how he feels he has an organic connection with the circuitry [of his musical instruments], rather like a violinst has with wood. Then the dam bursts.

"Look, my wife is a retired philosophy lecturer, and she says that the notion that machinery doesn't have consciousness is a crock of shit. Everything has some consciousness, and we tap into that. It's about that energy at its most basic level.

There are confirmed stories of people who can break instruments and cause them to fail by walking in a room. I'm the opposite--I can walk into a room and something will work better than it is supposed to.

Skeptical? See for yourself.

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