Saturday, November 27, 2004

Remembering the last bus out

While the old Chapel Hill bus station waits for the wrecking crew before a new hotel takes its place, it is a provisional space for some interesting art. (Maybe someone can tell me why the blogger software insists on so much space above a table; scroll down.)

UPDATE: Mystery unveiled! Brian Russell has a fascinating interview with Matt Robinson, one of the creators of this work called "Seven Windows, Seven Doors." He talks about motivations and meanings in the post-election climate in which the work was generated. Thanks, Ruby.

By the way, I wish my photos were better, but they were taken through a chain link fence with an unsteady zoom.

More examples of "stencil graffiti."

we saw something

We saw something different here

We almost lost each other here

almost lost each other

here to there

11 hours from here to there?!

[Three shadows]


hoping to escape

I left here hoping to escape

I was discriminated against here

discriminated against

enforced the law

I enforced the law here

I looked away here

looked away

Many shadows

[Many shadows]

You're catching the last bus out of here, son

Last bus out of here


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