Wednesday, November 03, 2004

On not seeing red

A neighbor helped me figure out something odd. All of the fall color in our back yard is yellow. Up in the mountains we found a rich palate of reds and oranges amidst the golden groves, but back home it is duochromatic.

I thought maybe we just didn't have the right kind of trees, until my neighbor said no, it's something about the weather this year. The maples should be red, but they're hanging on green and then abruptly turning to yellow and brown. Even the dogwoods are more brown than red.

Where is the red? There is a great sea of red, and North Carolina is in it, except that in Orange County, it is not much to be seen. We live in a bubble of blue.

From a true blue state comes some advice to Democrats on how to reconnect with the red states. This is the most-emailed article from today's Times.

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