Thursday, May 17, 2007

2007 Blooker winners

Paul was chief judge of the Blooker Prize this year. The grand prize went to My War, by Colby Buzzell, a soldier's chronicle of his Iraq experience. Given the timing--as military is trying to put as many lids as it possibly can on soldiers' blogging, accessing MySpace and YouTube, basically any communication with the outside world--it's a great pick.

"'My War'" may be the last frank and open military blog blook," said Paul Jones, chair of the Blooker judges, reports BBC news.

The fiction winner is a beautiful book, "the mini coffee table book that espresso was invented for." For The Doorbells of Florence, British journalist/photographer Andrew Losowsky took photographs of Italian doorbells and made up stories to go with them, very short stories in the "sudden fiction" tradition. If you can't hold the real thing in your hands, at least you can see the photos and their narratives at the Flickr pages of origin.

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