Saturday, March 11, 2006

A surprising honor!

It looks like GreeneSpace is nominated for a Koufax Award this year in a new category, "best state and local blog." There's no way I could ask you to vote for me given the competition. Worthy local nominees include OrangePolitics, Blue NC, Dent, Facing South. In the same category just down the road are Ed Cone, Greensboro 101, Hogg's Blog, Pam's House Blend, BlogAsheville. Plus my Texas fave, Grits for Breakfast. See what I mean? With that kind of company, I'm kind of blown away to be in the running.

Maybe the best thing about the nomination is that it tells me what GreeneSpace is: a "state and local blog." To be sure, I've just about given up on the national scene. It's too depressing, and besides, others deal with it so much better. If, as a local public official or just an observer, I can offer occasional insight into issues close to home, that might be good enough. The other topics I blog about are unpredictable and purely follow my own scattered interests--not a great way to go if the goal is to become the go-to blog on one particular thing or another. But I don't seem to be motivated toward that kind of focus. After going on two years of blogging, "law, life, literature and a little politics" still sounds about right.

It was fun to meet up with local bloggers--and one visiting celebrity--the other night at 3 Cups. The internet is well known for bring far-flung people together, but we shouldn't discount how it can create new communities right here under our noses.

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