Saturday, January 28, 2006

Three for David

It's still such a shock about David Galinsky. The family had a viewing last night at Walker's Funeral Home. I wasn't sure I wanted to "view" him under the circumstances, but there was some comfort in seeing his face and knowing he was at rest. Three newspaper article or obits have done a nice job of capturing his spirit and personality.

Today's N&O obit.

Always funny, even when he shouldn't have been, his constant curiosity and questioning, especially of authority, inspired all those who came in contact with him. He was an amazing chef and the consummate host who loved to bring people together to share his culinary creations, laughter, and life. As an important advisor, mentor, and confidant to many, David's perspective and insights helped all, but were an especially calming and important influence on his family. He believed strongly in the creation of a just society, one free of discrimination and where opportunities were widely available.

News story in yesterday's N&O.

"He was the great liberal who never gave up," said Joe Lowman, a professor of psychology at UNC-Chapel Hill. "He was [like] one of those irascible adolescents who never gave up on his rebellion and never gave up on what he believed in."

. . .

A great cook who served up meals of soft-shell crabs and smoked salmon [which he smoked himself --SG], he couldn't resist a bargain. On Thursday, several turkeys still sat in his freezer -- a steal at 13 cents a pound right after Thanksgiving.

Obit in yesterday's Daily Tar Heel.

"He lived life with such gusto, energy, compassion, and honesty," said professor Don Baucom, a former student and colleague of Galinsky.

"He was one of those people who are willing to tell you the truth," Baucom said. "At times he left you wondering if you wanted to hit him or hug him."

There will be an informal memorial at his house tomorrow afternoon.

UPDATE: Pictures from the memorial.

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