Thursday, October 06, 2005

Roy Moore on the run running for governor

In an entirely expected move, Alabama's outlaw judge Roy Moore has filed to challenge Gov. Bob Riley in the Republican primary. Last heard from on tour with his handsome running mate, Moore faces certain questions from voters. For example these from the Anniston Star:

You have indicated that you feel the state’s budget problems can be eased by cutting waste and fraud, but if that isn’t enough, what else do you propose to cut from the budget so that we can live within our means? As we re-call, when you were chief justice and you found your department short of funds, rather than eliminate waste and root out fraud, you ordered an end to civil jury trials to force the Legislature and the governor to give you more money. What will you do if you are governor?

But in other quarters, his righteous contempt for authority has earned him favorable comparison with another successful Alabama populist: George Wallace.

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