Monday, October 24, 2005

Chapel Hill to Bush: End war now.

Tonight the Town Council enthusiastically and unanimously passed a resolution brought to us by Dan Coleman, Jim Protzman, and Mark Marcopolis: "A Resolution Calling for New Federal Priorities." Listing a long train of abuses and omissions in public policy priorities, all of which have direct and sustained impact on local government, the resolution concludes,

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Mayor and Town Council that the Council hereby petitions the Bush Administration and Congress to immediately end the war in Iraq, re-establish a progressive tax code, curtail end favoritism toward corporate interests, develop responsible policies focused on renewable energy, and commit to priorities that reflect the common good.

(The editorial changes were suggested by Mayor Foy.)

Is this an exercise in frustration? I don't think so. Local government is the front lines. If we can't register the complaints of the people to the powerful in Washington, who can?

Shortly later into the meeting we received another similar petition on ending the war, signed by many citizens. We endorsed it unanimously too.

UPDATE: Somebody at Kos stole my tagline! (Just kidding. It was pretty obvious. Glad for the attention.)

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