Monday, August 01, 2005

Jesus in the schools: Texas skirmish

Ed Cone cites news of the recent inroads of the Greensboro-based National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools into the school system at Odessa (Ector County), a Bushcountry oil town in West Texas where more than 50 percent of the 26,000 students are Hispanic.

As I've said before, this organization is dangerous.

They rely on such august authority as the Creation Evidence Museum. If you're ever in the neighborhood of Glen Rose, Tex., perhaps to see the real evidence of dinosaurs walking the earth, check it out.

Elsewhere in Texas somebody has their number. Dr. Mark Chancey, professor of biblical studies at SMU, has published a study of the Greensboro group. "Dr. Chancey’s report shows how the curriculum advocates a narrow sectarian perspective taught with materials plagued by shoddy research, blatant errors and discredited or poorly cited sources." But alas, he's merely an academic.

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