Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Off to Denver

Tomorrow I'm headed for Denver to celebrate with my mother as she receives a lifetime achievement award. From the Gilmer Mirror:

Mirror Publisher to Receive Prestigious NNA Award

Mirror publisher Sarah L. Greene will receive the Emma C. McKinney Award from the National Newspaper Association when it convenes in Denver, Colo., Sept. 15-18.

Mrs. Greene, publisher of the Gilmer Mirror, will receive the Emma C. McKinney Award, which was established in 1966 to honor the co-publisher and editor of the Hillsboro (Org.) Argus for 58 years. McKinney was also dean of Oregon newspapermen and women in 1954 and was inducted into the Oregon Journalism Hall of Fame in 1982.

Mrs. Greene followed her parents and grandfather in the newspaper business, publishing the paper that her grandfather purchased in 1915. She was TPA president in 1995, only the second female president in the association's history.

In a letter supporting Mrs. Greene's nomination, Lynn Brisendine, publisher of the Brownfield News, wrote, "Sarah L. Greene is one of the outstanding newspaper women of Texas. Her dedication, knowledge and work ethic continue to inspire all of the men and women who make newspapering their profession, not only in Texas, but all across this great country."

The NNA represents non-metropolitan newspapers--the real community newspapers. After the interesting discussions about the relationship of blogging to journalism at the Piedmont Blog Conference, I'm looking forward to some good discussions here. But even though the theme is "the power of community newspapers," I don't see a single thing on the schedule about weblogs. Perhaps some of us in the audience will offer a shift in focus. If I can find a way to connect, I'll try to do some live-blogging.

My spouse brought back from "FOO Camp" Dan Gillmor's We the Media. I'm taking it with me.

I notice we're to be entertained by Baxter Black, the cowboy poet--local color I guess. Says here his column "On the Edge of Common Sense" is "the most widely syndicated agricultural column in America." Imagine that.

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