Friday, August 03, 2007

Interview with Ernest Dollar

Ernie Dollar, who in March became executive director of the Preservation Society of Chapel Hill, tells Fiona Morgan for The Independent Weekly that he wants to get younger people to embrace the cause of preservation; and his notion of "preservation" goes beyond old houses.

Most people do have a very antiquated view of preservations societies, and I think [preservation societies] have sort of helped feed that stereotype. Our mission statement is to preserve the architectural heritage, the natural landscape and the culture of Chapel Hill. It encompasses those who are interested in saving the trees, stone walls and green space, and the arts and music communities.

He also thinks it's time to realize that mid-century modern is a proud part of our architectural history too--something that naturally warms my heart!

Recently the Preservation Society and Orange Politics hosted a fundraiser for The People's Channel.

See the Preservation Society flickr pages for some neat photos.

UPDATE: The Chapel Hill News has taken notice, too.

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