Thursday, March 03, 2005

More (and more!) Creighton-mania

Great feature story about Creighton Irons' upcoming musical in the Chapel Hill News. The only thing missing was a link to his web site.


Meanwhile, with Creighton in mind, Jonathan Tilove emails to share a story he wrote on Eddie Klep, "who crossed baseball's color line a year earlier" than Jackie Robinson, "in the opposite direction." Klep's son lives in North Carolina.

Asheville's Chuck Brodsky, a notable player in the "baseball folk music" game (a category that had escaped me), wrote "The Ballad of Eddie Klep."

So while Jackie played for Brooklyn and wore the Dodger blue, Eddie crossed the color line, the one without a cue.

But as Jonathan's story shows, things weren't all that easy for him either.

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