Thursday, December 09, 2004

Blogger ethics

Martin Kuhn, a journalism student at UNC, has created a metablog: a blog where bloggers can blog about blogging. What motivates us? What do we think we are doing? What ethical constraints do we acknowledge? He invites our answers.

This topic came up at the Piedmont Blog Conference. Ed Cone wanted to note that the strict rules of journalists (for example, a journalists would never show a draft of a story to a source) might be relaxed for bloggers. But it seems to me that important things like integrity and accountability are key to both.

A minimum level of amusement value seems important, too. Wait, is there an ethical responsibility to be funny? I guess it's an ethical responsibility to keep your blog interesting enough to keep coming back to. I've been falling down on that one lately.

I still stumble over the word "blog." It's ugly. I don't care if is "word of the year."

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