Friday, August 06, 2004

Beach week ahead

Hurricane Alex, first of the season, wasn't supposed to bother anybody very much, but it sure did a number on Ocracoke. Three feet of water in 30 minutes! Some 300 cars flooded out of useful existence. Warning: do not try to start a flooded (in the literal sense) car. It might go up in smoke. One poor guy did that while his car was parked under his vacation house, and the whole house went up in smoke.

With a beach house rented from tomorrow till the next Saturday, we've been on pins and needles wondering how much, if any, of our trip we'd be able to salvage. The good news is that we can go on schedule tomorrow. We will get a different house from the one we started with, though. The worst of the flooding came off of the sound side, and that's where that house was. They're taking the electric meter off of it this afternoon.

We have a nice alternate called, appropriately, "Paul's II."

Should be fun. I haven't lined up any guest bloggers, for I have a feeling I won't be missed all that much. But in case you're wondering, I'm off to inspect the damage. By the way, this second house has no phone line.

While I'm away, may I suggest

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and for news of Ocracoke, the Ocracoke Journal of Philip Howard, 8th generation native and owner of the Village Craftsmen. He has some pretty interesting pictures from August 3.

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