Sunday, July 25, 2004


Although there are only some 45 credentialed bloggers (including Dave Barry) at the Democratic convention, I am gobsmacked at the amount of information coming out of Boston. (As it should be, I ran smack into "gobsmack" for the first time--at least that I really noticed--in a comment by a British poster. It happened to be in response to Lessig's bold challenge to O'Reilly.)

A good bet is the DNC site of, which belongs to Jessamyn West. Her web sites find their home among fellow-defenders of the public sphere at

This is a bad time to be without cable TV, especially if you're old enough to remember when the conventions were so full of drama that they preempted the soap operas. On the other hand, my biggest memory of the Democratic event of four years ago was learning that even the "Wow!" that Joseph Lieberman's wife Hadassah said when she walked out onto the stage was scripted.

UPDATE 7/26: A very nice story in the Times today about the credentialed and the credentialing, featuring comments by Jessamyn West and others. It starts and ends with a focus on Jeralyn Merrit of TalkLeft. See her post for a run-down of other major print media attention the blogers are already getting.

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