Friday, July 01, 2005

"Let me tell you how we do it up north."

The Yankees are coming. No, they have come, with kids. They've come in droves to (of all places) Charlotte. Don't put their kids on a bus. And don't give them any of that racist "baggage." They won't have it. All they want is their comfortable neighborhood schools, among their comfortable neighbors.

I first heard about this phenomenon last year in a speech by Gov. Jim Hunt at the N.C. Bar's celebration of 50 years of Brown. Hunt lamented that the progressivism that North Carolina became known for during the civil rights movement--together with the real gains made--is at risk, a perverse byproduct of "progress." We're about to forget our history, he said. Jonathan Tilove, who covers race for the Newhouse News Service, has just published a great story on how it's playing out down in Charlotte.

Kind of makes you see what Howard Manning is up against.

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