Saturday, January 13, 2007

Hear no Monkees, see no Monkees

The other night at the Flying Burrito, the music that we were munching our chips to put Paul in mind of a story to tell Tucker: about the time he met Jimi Hendrix. "Met" is maybe a stretch--there was no formal introduction, and anyway, Paul wasn't setting out to meet him. He was actually in hot pursuit of the Monkees.

You just have to read this wonderful story.

I've known Paul for a long time. I've heard him tell lots of stories, a few of them more than once. This was such a great one, I couldn't believe I'd never heard it.

Sally: Paul, I've known you for almost 20 years. Why have I never heard this story before?
Paul: You've never cared anything about Jimi Hendrix.
Sally: But I did care about the Monkees.
Paul: This is not a story about the Monkees! There are no Monkees in this story!

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