Friday, January 05, 2007

Blogroll additions, etc.

My blogroll keeps growing. Two new ones today. First, I've broken down and added Ze Frank. I watch him more than I'd like to admit, but honestly, not often enough. It was the champagne fairies that did it. Second, for local color, Wilson Library's North Carolina Miscellany.

Check them both out.

In other housekeeping matters, I've updated my home page. The Town Council has a lot on its plate, but over the past year we've accomplished a good bit, too. The Lot 5 proposal, which we are scheduled to finalize in February, is probably the biggest. In the new year, I hope one of the things we will do is to follow through on something the Planning Board is encouraging right now: to articulate, clearly and publicly, a new vision is for downtown Chapel Hill (indeed for the whole town). This is a pivotal time for our cherished "village." Growth is going to happen. It's a matter of making it smart and consistent with our needs and values.

Our annual Council retreat January 19-20 is going to be held at the new Franklin Hotel.

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