Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Guiliani in '08?

The Atlantic Monthly's Hannah Rosin finds Rudy Guiliani speaking in subtle "evangelese" in an attempt to court the GOP faithful and (perhaps) run for president in 2008. It's an interesting article, definitely worth a read (if, alas, you have an Atlantic subscription)....

I personally remain skeptical about the viability of his candidacy as the GOP nominee in 2008-- "evangelese" or not. I guess I could almost foresee that his exemplary conduct on 9-11 could have such a resonance with the American people that it overshadows his support for gay marriage, abortion, stem cell research, etc.-- especially if, between now and then, there's another terrorist attack on Bush's watch, such that people find themselves longing for a leader with some actual competence and compassion.

But even if you give him 9-11 and his conduct in its wake, Rudy has some flaws as a viable candiate. As Rosin notes, the "old" Rudy (that is, the pre-911, Mayor Guiliani) had a well-deserved tendency to be acerbic, cocky, spiteful, and to harangue those who disagreed with his hammerheaded policies. He's also a brash New Yorker, a divorcee who openly had an affair while his marriage was imploding-- and a Roman Catholic to boot! [Gasp.]

Personally, I don't see the evangelical Christian, Nascar-loving, Red-state GOP faithful falling for him and awarding him the nomination in 2008. But I could be wrong.

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