Tuesday, August 15, 2006

#4562 of the things I will miss during my year away from Chapel Hill...

Enough vitriol-- on a lighter note, I present to you: #4562 of the things I will miss during my one year stint away from Chapel Hill, the place where my wee daughter was born, where my dad proposed to my mom in 1970, and where my great-grandpa used to play baseball as a Tarheel.

Drumroll, please....#4562:
The Carolina Brewery-- specifically its seasonal summer brew the Firecracker Pale Ale, which was added to the lineup in June and (according to the bartenders, who I have been grilling about it constantly) will run out sometime in September. The Firecracker is a light pale ale, somewhere between Sierra Nevada and sweet tea, and it's perfect for hot weather and bar exam stress. (Take it from one who knows). It's so good that I have started accruing 1 gallon growlers of the stuff, which I plan to transport with me in a giant cooler when I make the drive from Chapel Hill to Atlanta next week. (Tear, tear.).

As Prince might have said, nothing compares 2 this beer. Chapel Hill natives would be well advised to investigate further.

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