Friday, February 15, 2008

Show and no show

Last night, Paul and I had a great time at the opening night of Deep Dish Theater's timely and snappy production of "State of the Union."

Tonight, we tried to go to the ArtsCenter to see the Hidden Voices production of "Because We're Still Here (And Moving)," but we were among those turned away from the full house. Tomorrow we'll see if they're able to put on another performance.

There is an odd connection between the two. Jeri Lynn Schulke, who plays Mary Matthews (the Katharine Hepburn figure in the movie), has starred in a Hidden Voices production. In December 2006, she played Regina Walters in "Rewind," a dramatization of the true story of Walters' evolution from a junior-high cheerleader to a second-degree murderer through her reformation and spiritual healing.

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