Monday, September 18, 2006

What's in a name?

Council public hearing tonight. That's when we hear about, but don't vote on, proposed development projects.

One project, a small subdivision off Pinehurst Drive adjacent to a part of the Country Club golf course, in a lowland part of town well known for flooding, is called "Aquabella." The applicant wanted to call it Waterbury Way, but that was deemed too close to Waterford, which already exists. The next thought was New Water Way, but that gave way to Aquabella (beautiful or maybe bellicose water). This is supposed to emphasize the proposed low-impact stormwater drainage solution, which is a "rain garden."

Another project, much larger, proposes to demolish a sixties-era apartment complex near downtown and replace it with a dense high-end development called "The Residences at Grove Park." Many things were commented on except the name, perhaps because we have little control over it. But the only Grove Park I know of is way out to the west of us.

The preposition "at" is a particularly trendy way to travel long distances in the domestic imagination. Try your hand at it!


Names of housing developments are all about the market value of dreams.

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